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Tanner Labs has designed, fabricated, and tested hundreds of analog ICs. We specialize in compact and low power technology and innovative design for affordable MOS technology. Some of our ICs include

  • CMOS sensors, including IR, UV, visible light, temperature, ionizing radiation, and multi-axis magnetic field sensors.
  • The world's fastest monolithic active pixel imager (up to 1500 frames per second), fabricated with MOS technology. We included this IC as a component of an MCM (37 ×37 mm) that constitutes a comprehensive real-time video data acquisition system.
  • A high-precision analog vocoder with 56 channels more channels than any other analog vocoder.
  • A real-time analog contrast corrector with standard video input and output. A bright background causes objects in the foreground to be represented as a uniformly black shape. Our IC prevents such an extreme contrast in light from obliterating detail in either the lighter or the darker regions.
  • A compact analog chip that performs wavelet transformations in real-time.



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